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There are many benefits to stepparent adoption. When you establish that you are the child’s legal parent, the child will then be able to be on your insurance plan. The child may also be designated as your heir. Perhaps most importantly, adopting your step child formally establishes your relationship with the child in the eyes of the law and allows you to participate in decisions that will affect the child’s life. At Faletti Law Office, P.C., we are committed to helping stepparents navigate the adoption process as efficiently as possible.

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An adoption is considered to be uncontested when both biological parents agree to it. Uncontested adoptions are relatively simple. Contested adoptions, on the other hand, can be very challenging. If the other parent refuses to relinquish his or her parental rights, you will need to ask the court to terminate parental rights. This can be a lengthy and difficult process, but attorney Harold Faletti will guide you through it as efficiently as possible.

The adoption process may require the prospective parent to submit to a background check, biometric information such as fingerprints and in some cases a credit check. As the adoptive parent, you may need to demonstrate your willingness to care for and support the child.

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