Filing For Bankruptcy During Divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce Help

The decision to file for bankruptcy or divorce is stressful enough. If you are facing these decisions simultaneously, it is critical that you seek counsel from an experienced attorney.

Faletti Law Office, P.C. provides bankruptcy and family law services to people in Colorado. We understand that financial issues and divorce are often closely related. If you need assistance with either area of law, we can help. For a free consultation, please call 720-863-4426 or contact us online.

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Many people who are considering filing for bankruptcy and divorce wonder which they should do first. It may be beneficial to file bankruptcy before your divorce settlement is finalized. Because each case is unique, it is best to discuss your situation with a bankruptcy and divorce lawyer before making a decision.

Attorney Harold Faletti is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who has also practiced a considerable amount of family law. He is able to provide counsel about the timing of filing for bankruptcy during divorce.

If you and your spouse have already begun divorce proceedings, we can help you as an individual filing for bankruptcy. If we helped you and your spouse file jointly for bankruptcy, however, we cannot represent either of you in divorce.

Denver Divorce Filings and Bankruptcy

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