What Is the Safest Way to Get Debt Relief?

Bankruptcy is not the only debt relief option, but it is a safe, legal way to get a financial fresh start. Bankruptcy is provided for in the Constitution, and has existed since our country was founded. The government recognizes that it is necessary to help people solve debt problems in order to keep our economy functioning.

With more people and businesses filing bankruptcy over the last several years, there has been an influx of new bankruptcy lawyers and credit counseling services. The U.S. bankruptcy court has expressed concern about the lack of experience of many new bankruptcy attorneys. While some attorneys may offer inexpensive bankruptcy services, they may not have the knowledge to accurately advise you. And credit counselors may do nothing but take your money.

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Don’t Let Credit Counselors Prey On You

Credit counseling companies offer debt consolidation services to people wanting to avoid bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many of these companies are scams, providing nothing more than writing a letter to your creditors. Others may work on one or two of your accounts while the rest of your debts are ignored and your creditors turn your accounts over to collection agencies. In this case, you may run out of money before anything is resolved.

Too many debt consolidation companies simply delay the inevitable while taking your money. Filing for bankruptcy halts all collection actions while you make a plan to repay or discharge your debts, ensuring that you do not fall farther behind on your accounts.

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