Despite their best intentions, there are times when people get in over their heads financially.  Drowning in a sea of debt, many times the only way out is to declare bankruptcy and seek a fresh start.  The guidance of an experienced attorney can help to smooth out the financial and emotional rough edges that are sure to accompany such a decision.

An attorney can also help decide whether filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best course of action, given a particular set of circumstances.  Most times, debtors will opt for Chapter 7 because it discharges the most debt, offering maximum relief.

While a debtor may lose some of their non-exempt property which will be sold to help pay creditors, there are still several advantages to filing Chapter 7.

There are no debt limits.  Unlike Chapter 13, when a person files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are no debt limits.

There is no repayment plan.  Under Chapter 13, the court will approve a repayment plan for creditors.  But with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, once the bankruptcy is discharged there are no more obligations or repayments to make.

No attachment to future wages.  With very few exceptions, once a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is completed, there are no obligations attached to future earnings.

A fast settlement. Chapter 7 bankruptcies can be settled in as little as 90 days after a person initially files for bankruptcy.

A short time frame to re-establish credit.  While it’s true that you’ll lose all of your existing credit cards in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the good news is that you should be able to regain a credit footing with new cards within one to three years after your bankruptcy is discharged.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to going through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that it will afford you a fresh start, free from the considerable worry and burden of trying to live with crushing debt that could otherwise continue to impact your life for many years to come.

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