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Discharge Unpaid Tax Penalties & Interest

Tax liens can have myriad negative effects, from damaging your credit rating to possibly jeopardizing your professional license. Fortunately, there are options for resolving tax liens. Attorney Harold Faletti can help you understand what your options are and work to resolve the problem efficiently.

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Bankruptcy is a forceful way to resolve tax liens. Mr. Faletti has extensive experience navigating the bankruptcy court system. If bankruptcy is a viable option for resolving your tax lien, he is prepared to take immediate action. You may be able to eliminate tax debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to set up a payment plan to repay the debt. Attorney Faletti can help you understand which option best applies to your situation.

When Bankruptcy Is Not An Option: Negotiating With The IRS

In some cases, bankruptcy is not a viable option for eliminating tax liens. By negotiating with the IRS, attorney Faletti is often able to convince the IRS to accept payment plans or offers in compromise. As an experienced Denver tax lien lawyer, Mr. Faletti understands how stressful and intimidating it can be to face a confrontation with the IRS. By providing clear guidance and effective representation, Mr. Faletti can take steps to put your mind at ease.

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