Child Custody Attorney in Broomfield, CO

Providing Knowledgeable and Caring Representation

Located in Broomfield, the Faletti Law Office, P.C., is built on the belief that a Colorado child custody lawyer should be caring, attentive, smart, tenacious and dedicated to the best interests of your children. Our clients also appreciate that we demystify the divorce process for them.

When it comes to child custody and parenting time (also called visitation), every case is different. Our lawyer, Harold Faletti, understands how substance abuse, domestic abuse and other parental issues can create a terrible environment for a child to grow up in. However, he also knows that many divorces involve two good parents who both deserve to spend as much quality time as possible with their kids.

Focusing on the Best Interests of Your Children

Our law firm takes great pride in watching out for the welfare of both our clients and their children. Although divorce can be filled with highly volatile emotions — including anger, bitterness and fear — a successful divorce attorney needs to be level-headed and able to see past these feelings.

Many clients tell us that they value Mr. Faletti’s calming demeanor and the fact that he actually listens to their concerns. He bases his counsel on what he truly believes is best for you and your children, both now and into the future.

If you and your ex-spouse cannot agree upon your own parenting time agreement, the court will assign professional custody and parenting time evaluators to your case. Whether through mediation or litigation, Mr. Faletti will be a strong advocate on your behalf.

Speak to a Dedicated Thornton Parenting Time Lawyer

To arrange a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation with a Broomfield child custody lawyer, call the Faletti Law Office, P.C., at 303-438-8477 or contact us online. We look forward to representing you.

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