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Protecting Rights of Fathers’

Many fathers worry that they will lose their relationships with their children after divorce. Under the law, a father has the right to have a relationship with his child, but it is often necessary to turn to a lawyer to protect that right. At Faletti Law Office, P.C., we are committed to enforcing the rights of fathers in the Denver area.

Broomfield Divorce Lawyer — Protecting A Father’s Rights

For decades, courts assumed that mothers were better able to care for children and awarded custody based on that assumption. Times and attitudes and laws have changed, but many judges still adhere to this line of thinking. In order to protect your right to a relationship with your children, you will need to demonstrate your level of involvement in your child’s life. If you can show the court that you are a very involved parent, you will stand a better chance of achieving your goals for custody or parenting time.

Take Proactive Steps To Safeguard Your Time With Your Children

Some fathers choose to move out first and deal with child custody later. This often proves to be a costly mistake. If you wait too long, your former spouse can contact a lawyer, and you may lose your chance to ensure that your voice is heard. By contacting a lawyer immediately, you may prevent your former spouse from gaining an advantage over you.

Assistance For Unmarried Fathers

Unmarried fathers have rights too, but first they must establish paternity. You can achieve this by simply admitting that you are the father or by submitting to a DNA test. Attorney Harold Faletti is prepared to take action to ensure that you are able to maintain a relationship with your child.

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