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While many people think of issues related to child custody and child support in relation to the process of getting a divorce, parents who have never been married to one another routinely deal with these kinds of issues. Below is some basic information regarding custody and support for unmarried parents. For specific information about your case, call our office today.

Child Custody

Generally speaking, unwed mothers have custody of their children by default. In order to a father to have parental rights, he must establish paternity of the child. In determining custody arrangements, courts look to the best interests of the child. The kinds of factors that a court may consider when determining child custody between unmarried parents include the each parent’s financial situation, their willingness and ability to work together, the history of their relationship, and their ability to be an effective parent.

Child Support

Many unwed parents are under the mistaken impression that child support is only awarded in divorce cases. In fact, child support is routinely awarded in cases involving unwed parents, and courts regularly require one parent to make payments to the other parent in order to help with the costs associated with raising a child. Child support is based on the income of the parents, and there can be significant penalties associated with non-payment.

How can an Attorney Help?

Many people who are seeking custody or child support from their child’s other parent are uncertain as to where to even begin. By meeting with an experienced family law attorney, unmarried parents can determine whether they have a case and how best to proceed. Some of the specific ways in which a lawyer can help include:

  • Petition the court to issue an order directing the other parent to pay child support;
  • Request that the court determine an appropriate child custody arrangement;
  • Take steps to ensure that the noncustodial parent is making child support payments; and
  • Request a modification of an existing child support or child custody order.

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