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Though the law does not grant the same rights to unmarried couples as it does to married ones, unmarried couples do have options for protecting their assets. At Faletti Law Office, P.C., our lawyers can offer you and your partner peace of mind by drafting documents that can protect your assets.

If you are not married to your partner, but you have assets that you own jointly and you live together, it is important to put in place a process for dividing the assets. A cohabitation agreement is a contract that will enable you and your partner to determine how assets should be divided in the event that you split up. In many ways, a cohabitation agreement is analogous to a prenuptial agreement.

Attorney Assisting Unmarried Couples With Property Division

Attorney Harold Faletti can work closely with you and your significant other to draft a contract that will reflect your wishes and offer you both the appropriate protections. If you do decide to end the relationship, you and your partner can attend mediation or arbitration. The cohabitation agreement can contain provisions that determine whether you will attend mediation or arbitration.

By taking the proactive step of drafting an agreement now, you may be able to avoid costly disputes in the future. Simply put, a cohabitation agreement can provide peace of mind to you, your partner and your family.

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