Are you struggling with debt? You have probably heard ads on TV or the radio from debt consolidation services that promise an easy, low-cost way of reducing and eliminating your debt issues. We urge you to use caution when considering using such a service. There is generally very little regulation over these companies and they often deliver far less than they promise.

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What’s Wrong With Debt Consolidation Companies?

Working with a debt consolidation company can cost you time and money. Let’s assume the best and say the company is truly trying to protect your interests in working with your creditors to consolidate your debt.

The question you have to consider is: How is the debt consolidation company going to make a debt settlement attractive to your creditors? Since they are operating with no legal authority, they do not have any leverage with your creditors. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer is backed up by the powerful protections of the federal bankruptcy code.

While you are waiting for the debt consolidation company to work out a plan, your debt does not stop accruing interest and late fees. At the end of the process, you may be left with all of the debt you started with and more. And how much did you have to pay the debt consolidation company to do nothing?

Debt Consolidation vs. Bankruptcy

While debt consolidation services offer promises with no legal authority behind them, bankruptcy offers real financial relief. Filing for bankruptcy enacts an automatic stay, a legal injunction that stops your creditors from seizing your property and taking other legal action against you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates debt while Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes debt into a manageable three- or five-year payment plan. If you are serious about achieving debt relief, our experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you explore the powerful legal options available to you.

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